Illustration Portfolio

Here are a few of my recent illustrations. Concentration: Cartoons.

All characters are © to their respective owners.

Original Work

Predator Brogran
Forest Elf
Brogan Shark Form
Brogan Sketch
Chomp Promo Image
Brogan Lines
Scottie Concepts
Scottie Dog
Scottie Berserk
Chomp and the Beaver
Lumo the Candle

Fan-Art Work

Future King
Coraline Ghost Children
Stitch and the Red One!
Toxic Rick
He's Got Friends on the Other Side
I Laugh in the Face of Danger
Evil Boy Genius
A Wrinkle In Morty
Bossed In Space
Huntress and Techmo
Caffeinated Fists of Justice
Raccoon Vs. The Future