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Voice Stuff!

Hi! KRIS here!
I've been drawing ever since I could hold a crayon, and even at that young age, it seemed totally natural to "draw their voices" too. I loved acting things out and making people laugh, but didn't pursue it until I was interning at a studio that produced a fair amount of animation. One day I asked the director if I could go in the booth and just try my luck.  Since I was just "that intern in the art department", it was super nice of him to let me try. It was even nicer when his jaw dropped and he renamed me "that voice actor who was once an intern somewhere in the back."

I'm now charging into voice acting, full force!
One day I hope to be producing and voicing my own show. But until then I'm happy to be a small part of yours.
I hope you'll call me in sometime. I wanted to keep the reel short, but it's a nice sampling of my range. See what I can do!

Thanks for listening!

• My Behind The Voice Actors Page is new and just getting started, yet I hope to add many more very soon. Special thanks to the directors and to the fans who documented my performances.

• My Anime News Network Profile

Kris Saltiel


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Demo Reel!

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